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Sunday, November 24, 2013

November 24th, 2013:
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See where you and your state rank!

Property taxes: how they stack up state by state

from: Christian Science Monitor-Nov 19, 2013
When it comes to property taxes, location matters.
In a new TPC report, my colleague Brian David Moore and I look at just how much property ...
(and see/downloand the Tax Policy Center report at:  
and from the Christian Science news: (in part): 
"Using self-reported American Community Survey data, we find that residential property taxes tend to be close to $1,000 per year, with a small share of households paying substantially more, especially in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire
   ...In recent years, 48 percent of homeowners paid between $750 and $1,750 in property taxes. About one-third—31 percent—paid less than $750 and 21 percent paid more than $1,750.  Just 3 percent paid more than $4,000, with a miniscule share of homeowners (0.2 percent) paying more than $8,000. "